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The Special Donkey

Once upon a time there was a little donkey who was the saddest donkey in the world. He spent all day alone in a big paddock. No friends came to visit him.

One day a man called Joseph saw the little donkey and felt sorry for him. He needed a donkey for a special job so he chose the lonely donkey.

“I have an important job for you.”

Little Donkey was very excited. Nobody had ever been nice to him before. He liked Joseph. Joseph took Little Donkey home to meet his wife Mary who had a baby growing inside her.

Joseph put his hand on her round belly and said to Little Donkey, “We have to go to Bethlehem but Mary cannot walk all the way with a baby inside her. I want you to carry Mary to Bethlehem.”

Little Donkey said, “Hee Haw!”

So they set off on their long journey. Mary rode on Little Donkey. Joseph walked along beside them. They travelled slowly and when they got to Bethlehem it was already night time. Lots of other people got there first so there was nowhere to stay. All the inns were full.

Every time Joseph knocked on a door and asked for a room the innkeeper said, “Go away. We do not have any rooms.”

When they came to the very last inn, Joseph was exhausted and Mary was very tired.  Joseph knocked on the door of the inn.

“We have no room!” the innkeeper shouted.

“But my wife needs somewhere to lie down,” said Joseph. “Her baby wants to come out.”

But the man slammed the door and told them to go away. That’s when Little Donkey started to make a lot of noise. He stamped his foot and he brayed.

“Hee haw! Hee haw! Hee haw!”

The innkeeper stuck his head out of a window and told Joseph to keep Little Donkey quiet.

“That donkey will wake every one up,” he said.

And Joseph said, “He will not stop unless he can sleep somewhere. You know how stubborn donkeys are.”

“All right, all right,” said the innkeeper. “You can all sleep in the stable if you keep the donkey quiet.”

So they went to the stable and Joseph helped Mary off Little Donkey’s back and she lay down on a bed of straw. And she was just in time because the little baby inside her wanted to come out.  Joseph and Mary called the baby Jesus and Joseph thanked Little Donkey for helping them.

“You are a very special little donkey,” he said.

And Little Donkey said, “Hee Haw!”

Where is Santa (to the tune of Frère Jacques)

Where is Santa,     (Hand above right eye as if looking for Santa.)
where is Santa      (Repeat previous action using left eye.)
With his sack,       (Both hands over right shoulder as if holding a sack.)
with his sack        (Repeat previous action over left shoulder.)
Coming down the chimney.    (Hold both hands up to the right and bring them down with fingers fluttering.)
Coming down the chimney. (Repeat previous action on left hand side.)
Ding dang dong. Ding dang dong. (Thump fists on top of each other.)

Five Jolly Santas

Five jolly santas standing near a van
One ran away frightened by a man
Then there were four

Four jolly santas dancing round a lake
One ran away frightened by a snake
The there were three

Three jolly santas munching on a carrot
One ran away frightened by a parrot
Then there were two

Two jolly santas jumping in a box
One ran away frightened by a fox
Then there was one

One jolly santa standing all alone
So he whistled up his reindeer and galloped off home.

Paper Chains

Make paper chains to decorate the Christmas tree.

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