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The Last Dinosaur
Long, long ago instead of people, huge dinosaurs roamed the earth. As time went by their numbers became less and less until finally there was just one dinosaur left in the whole wide world.

He was a handsome green dinosaur, with a magnificent red tail. He lived all alone on an island. He was very lonely because there were no other dinosaurs to play with and none of the other animals would play with him. They were scared of him. Every day, just to fill in time he would walk down through the hills, down to the ocean and sit on a huge rock. He looked down through the clear blue water and watched the ocean creatures.

One day as he sat there looking down he saw a beautiful pink octopus! She had big blue eyes and eight beautiful legs! Red Tail fell in love instantly! He gazed down at the beautiful pink octopus and she looked up at him and….fluttered her eyelashes at him.

Day after day, hour after hour they gazed at each other through the water. Red Tail wanted very much to be with her but he could not get into the water to live and the octopus could not live on the land with him. He was very sad.

One day as he was walking down through the hills he stopped for a moment to try to think of a way that they could be together. As he stood there thinking, he heard a tiny voice.

“Help. Help.”

He looked around but he could see no one.

“Help. Help.”

It seemed to be coming out of the ground. He looked down but all he could see was mud. It had been raining all night and the earth was soft and squelchy and muddy. Then he heard it again.

“Help. Help.”

Then the mud moved. There was something stuck in the mud! Red Tail swung his magnificent tail into the mud so that the muddy thing could climb out. The he strode to the nearest pool of water and swished his tail into the water so that the muddy thing could wash itself. As the mud fell away he saw a pretty, pretty white fairy with a glistening white wand!

“Thank you, Red Tail,” said the white fairy. “You are a great and powerful beast, yet you have saved a tiny, helpless creature like me. For that I would like to grant you your dearest wish. What is the one thing in the world you would like? Just name it and it shall be yours!”

“Oh, that’s easy,” said Red Tail, in a booming voice. “The one thing in the world I want is to be an octopus.”

“Oh!” said the white fairy. “Are you sure? You know as a dinosaur you have great power and need never be frightened of anyone. But as an octopus, well….an octopus is just an octopus you know.”

“Oh, I know,” boomed Red Tail. “But it’s no fun being a great and powerful beast when there are no other beasts to play with. Oh, no. I know I’d much rather be an octopus.”

“Very well,” said the white fairy. She touched his magnificent red tail with her glistening wand and… Piiiiiing! Red Tail disappeared!

The beautiful white fairy flew over to the ocean. She looked down into the clear blue water and saw the pink octopus swimming around the rocks with a happy smile on her face. Then she saw a handsome green octopus, with eight red legs, swimming behind her. They looked so happy together.

And that is what happened to the last dinosaur left on the earth.

An original story by JB Rowley free for others to use except for commercial publication.


Dinosaur Song


Rhyme: What Do You Think I Saw?

Down by the ocean an egg cracked open
What do you think I saw?
A big floppy head and a tongue so red
A neck so long and a body so strong
Four funny limbs and a tail that swings.
What do you think I saw?
Yes! A dinosaur!


Dorothy Dinosaur Craft


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