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 The Dingo, the Rooster and the Fox

Once there was a rooster that lived on a farm. Rooster wanted to see the big wide world so one day he left the farm yard. He walked along a winding road until he came to the bush. He started along the bush track and met Dingo.

“What are you doing way out here in the bush?” said Dingo. “You are a farm bird.”

Rooster explained that he was tired of the farm and wanted to see the big wide world.

“Well,” said Dingo, “I’d better come with you. It is too dangerous here in the bush for you on your own. Don’t you know there are hungry red foxes in this bush?”

Rooster didn’t know that and he was glad to have Dingo as a friend. So Dingo and Rooster walked along the bush track together. That night they found a hollow tree to sleep in. Dingo crept inside the tree. Rooster flew up onto one of the branches.

At dawn Rooster woke up just like he did on the farm. He stood up and flapped his wings and crowed loudly just like he did on the farm. But instead of waking up the farmer, he woke up a red fox. The fox ran to the tree where the rooster was.

“Welcome to the bush, beautiful bird,” said the fox. “You have a fine voice. I would like to be your friend.”

Rooster knew that the fox really wanted to eat him but he pretended to be friendly, just like the fox.

“That is a very kind welcome Mr Fox,” said Rooster. “I would like to be your friend too. If you go to the door of my house, my servant will let you in.”

The fox licked his lips at the thought of catching the rooster and eating it. He crept around the tree.

Unfortunately for the fox, Dingo was waiting for him.

That was the end of the fox.

A retelling of the Aesop’s fable (The Dog, the Rooster and the Fox), by JB Rowley. Free for others to use except for commercial publication.


Good Morning Mr Rooster

Rhyme: Dingo, Dingo

Dingo, dingo, where have you been?
“I’ve been to Sydney to visit Aunt Jean.”
Dingo, Dingo, what did you do there?
“I gave a little fox a might big scare!”


Make a crowing rooster

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